Mint-mark design varieties

1946 Inverted S Mint Mark

In 1946 there were three different mintmark styles used by the San Francisco mint.  These styles are the Sans Serif, Serif, and Ball Serif.  

The Ball Serif is scarcer than the other two styles.  

This die variety is a 1946 S Lincoln Cent with an inverted mintmark.  The mintmark was actually struck upside down.  This is the only known inverted mintmark in the Lincoln series, and it can only be seen on the Ball Serif style 1946 S cents.  

This variety is extremely rare.  It is recognized by Coneca and Wexler.  ANACS will certify this variety.  

Images courtesy of BJ Neff


1946Sinv-407x285 1946Sreg-408x288



San Fransisco Mintmark Styles

Mintmarks have changed design many times during the Lincoln Cent Series.   The San Fransisco Mintmark "S" has actually changed 15 times!

Here is a list of all the San Fransisco mintmark styles:

Mintmark Style-001 (Blocked Serifs) used from 1909-1916
Mintmark Style-002  (Small S) used from 1917-1941
Mintmark Style-003  (Large S) used only in 1928
Mintmark Style-004  (Trumpet Tail Serifs) used from 1941-1942 and again in 1945-1952
Mintmark Style-005  (Straight Serifs) used from 1943-1944
Mintmark Style-006  (Ball Serif) used from 1944-1946
Mintmark Style-007  (Sans Serif) used from 1946-1947
Mintmark Style-008  (Tall S) used from 1952-1974
Mintmark Style-009  (Blob S) used from 1974-1979 (74 proof & business strikes, proof only 75-79)
Mintmark Style-010  used from 1979-1981(proofs only)
Mintmark Style-011  used only in 1981(proofs only)
Mintmark Style-012  used from 1982-1984 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-013  used from 1985-1989 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-014  used from 1990-1999 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-015  used from 2000-2007 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-016  used from 2008- Pres (proofs only)

Below is a guide for collectors who are looking to collect mintmark varieties.  The following years contained more than one mintmark style:  1928, 1941, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1952, 1974, 1979, and 1981.